VMP Performance

SuiteCommerce Advanced Upgrade and Customization by Folio3 helps VMP boast a fresh new look, faster site performance, and an intuitive shopping experience


VMP Performance specializes in performance tuning, superchargers, performance parts, and accessories. Folio3 redesigned, developed, and set up their new web store on the Oracle NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced platform, upgrading from the Volusion platform and improving functionality with some unique customizations.


VMP Performance has been in the auto parts and performance market for over 15 years specializing in performance tuning, superchargers, and accessories. VMP focuses on dyno-tuning, mail-order tuning, computers and related software. VMP also offers custom tuning and installations in addition to the line of VMP performance parts and supporting components from quality manufacturers.


VMP was aiming to improve efficiency and interoperability between its front-end and back-end systems. As integrating the previous Volusion platform with their NetSuite ERP would have required extensive efforts, VMP decided to move their web store to the Oracle NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced platform create seamless integrations between the front and back-end systems.


Folio3 migrated their web store from the Volusion platform to a brand new design on the Oracle NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced platform along with implementing some enhancements and functionalities that aren’t available out of the box.

These enhancements included a “Kit Configurator” which enabled the ability to buy add-on/associated items with kit items, with these add-on items then being associated with the kits in NetSuite. Furthermore, VMP also required separate pages/links/forms for B2C and B2B customers.


Thanks to Folio3, VMP Performance migrated its entire web store to the SuiteCommerce Advanced platform, thereby avoiding the extended efforts and costs associated with integrating the previous platform. With the addition of custom enhancements that greatly augment the sites’ user experience, VMP’s site boasts a fresh new look, faster performance, and very intuitive shopping experience.


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