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Tailor Your Site Builder Storefront To Offer The Ultimate User Experience

Do you feel frustrated by Site Builder’s limited functionality? Are you looking to enhance your Site Builder web store with better functionality and a better user experience? Let us help you.

At Folio3 we specialize in developing Site Builder customization(s) that can turn your existing Site Builder storefront into a first class ecommerce site. Whether you’re looking to add advanced features to Site Builder like store locator, quick order or wish lists, want to implement additional payment processing/shipping methods, or simply want to revamp your store’s user experience to enable better interaction with your visitors, our Site Builder customization(s) can help you do so.

Site Builder Customization(s) We Offer Design / User Interface

Mobile Friendly Responsive Designs

You don’t need to be on SuiteCommerce Advanced to have a mobile enabled web store. We’ll make your Site Builder store fully responsive so that it displays and works perfectly on every device.

Eye Catching Home & Landing Pages

Make a lasting first impression on visitors and customers with riveting and stylish page templates and UI designs, while retaining the flexibility to update content as and when you like.

Simplified Dropdown Navigation

Help visitors locate your products and services quickly with easy to use drop-down menus that support text links, promotions and even images.

Dynamic Item Categories & Item List Designs

Display your item listings in a non-grid format to make it easier for visitors to browse your products (or services) while minimizing screen real estate usage.

Beautiful Item Detail Page UIs & Layouts

Maximize sales conversions by using page layouts that help visitors quickly find the product/service information they are looking for.

Custom Item Badges & Messaging

Add smart graphics to your product listings to highlight key product features or special promotions or any messages you want to convey to your shoppers.

Customized Selectors/Options

Provide a more intuitive shopping experience to your visitors and customers by using enhanced matrix item selectors and item options on your item listings.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Recently Viewed Items

Assist visitors and shoppers by showing them their recently viewed items on the same page they are currently on.

Type Ahead Search

Take advantage of searchandizing by suggesting products related to your visitors’ search queries, as they type them the search box.

Product Comparison

Help visitors decide which product(s) to purchase by enabling them to compare multiple items side by side (to see their features, cost, etc.) so they can make the best decision.

Quick View

Gives visitors the ability to get a preview of the item they’re interested in by simply hovering their mouse pointer over it.

Product Image Zooming

Add magnification and zooming functionality to your product images so visitors can take a closer look at the item before they buy it.

Back in Stock Email Notifications

Instantly alert visitors and customers (that have requested to be notified) that that the item(s) they are interested in are back in stock, with automated back-in-stock emails.

Quick Order functionality

Simplify order entry for repeat customers by implementing quick order functionality, allowing customers to quickly place an order on your store by just entering the item’s SKU and quantity.

Mini Cart

Let shoppers know that they’ve added an item to their cart with a small, non-intrusive notification showing the item(s) added to their shopping cart.

Add Multiple Items to Cart

Boost average sales order values by making it easier for customers to purchase multiple items, by providing a button to instantly add multiple selected items to the shopping cart.

Reviews & Ratings

Enable customers to rate and review products on your web store.

Wish Lists

Let visitors add items to their wish list and save their wish list(s) for purchasing decisions later on.

Reference Cart, Checkout, and My Account Customization

Customize your Site Builder store’s Reference Cart, Checkout & My Account sections (including styling of views, page templates, layouts, fields, messaging, etc.) to provide the best possible shopping experience to customers. Embed tracking codes for Google Analytics and other third party tools so you can also keep track of your visitors.

List/MSRP/You Save Functionality

Maximize sales by showing visitors just how competitive your prices are, and how much they can save on each product.

Store Locator

Help site visitors find your physical store(s) by entering their City, State/Province or Postal Code to locate a store location nearest to them.

Third Party & Custom Plugin Integration

Add additional functionality to your web store like Instagram galleries, social media sharing, Zendesk CRM or ShipStation integration, by integrating third party or custom NetSuite plug-ins with your Site Builder store.

Custom Wholesale Functionality

Cater to both B2C and B2B customers from the same web store by adding a custom wholesaler portal to your store with features like modified checkout, custom payment options, customer specific discounts & more.

Newsletter/Email Subscription

Expand your marketing reach by prompting customers to sign up for your newsletter or marketing emails using NetSuite’s own pre-built forms. These can be automatic or manual pop-up windows or forms embedded in the page itself.


Drive sales and promote your products online with a dedicated WordPress blog linked to your web store.

Facebook Login

Facilitate ease of access by letting visitors sign up and login to your web store with their Facebook credentials.

Share On Social Media

Let visitors and customers spread the word about your store and products by sharing their reviews and feedback with friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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The Folio3 team is very knowledgeable. Every presentation they made was very thorough and detailed. We are new to NetSuite and had a lot questions, but they were very patient with us and explained everything in detail. We couldn't have asked for a better implementation partner.

Cindy Trinh
CEO, Go Pet Club

We just completed our testing of the NetSuite implementation & integration. We did a small number of transactions but everything worked smoothly. I want to recognize the patience and professionalism of the Folio3 team, they've done an terrific job. I look forward to our continued partnership for the work ahead.

Mark Waring
CTO, AzamPay - Bakhresa Group

Folio3 is an excellent partner as they take the time up front to understand the business flow, so that the implementation work they do is optimized to meet those needs. As with any 3rd party implementation partner, communication is critical to success. Good communication from the team at Folio3 makes them a valued partner.

Richard Cockrell
NetSuite Administrator, Hawk Ridge Systems

Folio3 has been an unstoppable NetSuite implementation partner! Working through the ambiguities associated with complex integrations, they have skillfully supported our multiple business units, from production to retail. Their command of the NetSuite product and scope of supporting services is truly impressive, and they continually work to develop novel and comprehensive solutions for our most challenging needs. Going beyond outstanding technical skills, their people are highly responsive, kind and informative, at every turn!

Adam Marquart
COO, Juice Shop
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