Tune NetSuite According To Your Needs

Don’t be limited by out-of-the-box functionality. Mold NetSuite according to the needs of your business.

No software solution can meet 100% of your needs out of the box. And although NetSuite offers a complete business software suite with ERP, CRM and ecommerce functionality, companies often find that they need to customize NetSuite with additional features or functionality, to better support their business processes. As NetSuite development experts, we can help you extend or customize your existing NetSuite solution to meet your business’ unique requirements.

Our NetSuite developers have extensive expertise in NetSuite’s customization platform Suiteflex and have built and implemented dozens of SuiteScript, Suitelet and web services based customizations for customers in a wide range of industries. We can help you customize NetSuite to match your business processes, in minimal time and at a highly competitive cost. But that’s not all. Our NetSuite customizations are fully compatible with future NetSuite upgrades and releases and come with guaranteed support, ensuring that your tailored NetSuite solution remains future proof.

Some Of Our NetSuite Customization Work

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A custom Suitelet for Sundia that reads HTML files containing purchase orders received from a B2BGateway, splits them into individual purchase orders, converts them into PDF format & associates them with their respective sales orders in NetSuite. The Suitelet also sends email notifications to relevant users, reporting the status of each transaction.



A custom NetSuite application that extends NetSuite’s out-of the-box functionality by automating much of the strict project costing, book keeping & time keeping activities needed by government contractors. Consists of integrated modules that provide Project Status Reporting, Cost Allocation, Payroll Cost Allocation & DCAA Compliant Time entry. Also developed Gmail & Google Calendar integration with NetSuite.


HawkRidge Systems

Implemented several NetSuite customizations for Hawk Ridge Systems including:

  • Automated sales quote generation system for subscription services
  • Custom analysis reporting portlets for home & customer dashboards
  • Duplicate detection engine
  • Lead import engine
  • Dynamic dashboard portlet for sales reports

Rico Industries

Implemented several NetSuite customizations for Rico Industries including:

  • Automated script for loading sales orders in NetSuite
  • Custom functionality that displays different info. for items based on the customer
  • Custom calculations for commissions, royalty & credit hold processes
  • Custom functionality that splits multi-item orders into multiple orders, if the order’s line items belong to different locations

Having developed numerous NetSuite customizations for multiple industry verticals, there is a good chance we have implemented a custom NetSuite solution that is similar to your business’ needs. So tell us about the challenge you’re facing and we’ll help you overcome it!

What Our Customers Say

We were using Salesforce to manage our contract renewals. While it did the job, it wasn't integrated with our NetSuite ERP. We looked at various solutions including NetSuite's own modules. The majority of offerings we saw were aimed at solving a single manufacturer's contracts, and couldn't handle the complexities of a distributor or re-seller managing multiple maintenance contracts, with multiple guidelines. After speaking with 3 developers we chose Folio3, and we're glad we did. Folio3 made it very easy and accommodating process. We are a small company with limited development staff and limited experience doing custom processes. Folio3 understood our goals clearly, and offered a straight forward statement of work. Unlike others we didn't feel there was anything being hidden. Throughout the process, communication was steady and responsive. Frankly I believe they spent most of their time waiting on us more than the reverse! In the end, I think we got a product that met everything we had hoped for. We are looking forward to continuing with our next project with Folio3!

Brian Gorne
President Motion Media, LLC

We were extraordinarily pleased with the functionality and depth of understanding that Folio3's solution exhibited after a relatively brief but incisive, project kickoff meeting. Folio3 ``gets it`` from the start, relieving us from tedious development discussions drawn out over a long period of time.

Anne Thys
VP Logistics, Sundia Corporation

Folio3 has been a great partner for our NetSuite custom developments. They have shown the flexibility and competence needed in understanding our needs and developing to our specs for regular SuiteScript projects as well as our mobile app.

Jay Crawford
NetSuite Administrator, Rico Industries

Folio3 is an excellent partner as they take the time up front to understand the business flow, so that the implementation work they do is optimized to meet those needs. As with any 3rd party implementation partner, communication is critical to success. Good communication from the team at Folio3 makes them a valued partner.

Richard Cockrell
NetSuite Administrator, Hawk Ridge Systems

Folio3 did a terrific job. Our work involves complex calculations involving government project costing, profitability, taxes and federal compliance. Folio3 was not only able to translate all these requirements into a custom NetSuite application, they did it in record time!

Shahrooz Shams
Implementation Manager - Daston Corporation
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