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Using HTTPS Everywhere in SuiteCommerce Advanced Elbrus

As you know, Google is actively using HTTPS as a factor when determining website search rankings via its HTTPS Everywhere initiative. Even more importantly, seeing the familiar HTTPS padlock can reassure shoppers when they visit your site, since they know they can shop safely on your web store.

With the onus on security, its no wonder that HTTPS was one of the most demanded and anticipated features for SuiteCommerce Advanced. A lot of our SuiteCommerce Advanced customers were waiting for this feature to be released in SuiteCommerce Advanced because their security audit tools reported this as a critical missing component.

In SuiteCommerce Advanced’s release 2017.1 (also known as Elbrus), you can use an SSL certificate to secure the shopping portion of your web store under an HTTPS domain. Previously, only the Checkout and My Account domains were secure. With SuiteCommerce Advanced’s Elbrus release, the level of protection offered by security certificates (which was previously only available for the My Account and Checkout domains) is now available to the Shopping application.

So you can leverage this security feature to run both the shopping and checkout applications under a single HTTPS domain. The benefit of having both these applications under a single HTML domain is that it provides consumers with a seamless buying experience, since it removes the delays associated with shopping in one domain and shifting to another for checkout. To understand the above changes better, have a look at the examples below.

<USE AN APPROPRIATE Ecommerce IMAGE or Graphic here>

PREVIOUSLY the URLs for the Shopping, MyAccount and Checkout domains used to be as follows.

WITH SuiteCommerce Advanced’s ELBRUS release, the URLs for the Shopping, MyAccount and Checkout domains have changed to the following.

As you can see, with the Elbrus release SuiteCommerce Advanced now offers the much needed HTTPS security features that not only boost customer confidence in your web store but also help you enhance your SEO rankings.

In my next post, I’ll show you how to setup a secure shopping domain with SuiteCommerce Advanced.

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