NetSuite Mobility Solution by Folio3 helps SimplyThick Boost Sales Revenues

“I have nothing but good things to say about Folio3. They are very responsive, thorough, proactive, and the output is always what I ask for. I highly recommend them.”

Tom Bushold – Director IT, SimplyThick


SimplyThick is renowned manufacturer and distributor of solutions for dysphagic patients with operations in the US, Canada and Australia. Folio3 helped them streamline their sales processes and boost revenues by developing a sales management app for NetSuite that enabled their sales reps to take orders directly in NetSuite from their smartphones.


SimplyThick LLC is a Missouri based company that develops innovative technologies and solutions for people with swallowing problems. Their patented thickening gel helps dysphagic patients, by thickening food and beverages, enabling them to be swallowed more easily. The company has distribution and operations in the US, Canada and Australia.


SimplyThick has a sizeable field sales force. Their sales process was paper based and involved sales reps taking orders from customers in the field and manually entering them in their NetSuite ERP, back in the office. This required a lot of effort and time. They wanted to streamline this process by developing a mobile app (for iOS and Android) that would enable sales reps to place orders directly in NetSuite, from their smartphones. Once orders were fulfilled in NetSuite, they also wanted to synchronize shipping details to the app, so sales reps could inform customers about their order’s status.


Folio3 designed and built a cross platform NetSuite mobile app for SimplyThick within a short span of five weeks that enables their sales reps to:

  • Take orders directly in NetSuite from their smartphones
  • View their previous orders, along with fulfillment statuses and shipping information
  • Update customer addresses AND
  • View items available in their inventory


Thanks to the NetSuite mobile solution developed by Folio3, SimplyThick has been able to enhance its sales revenues by up to 15% and reduce order processing time by 25%, since orders can now be processed instantly as soon as they are entered in the field. The company was so pleased with these results that it has engaged Folio3 for additional enhancements to the app. The partnership is now in its second year.

Technologies Used

The primary technologies used in the development of the app include Sencha, NetSuite Restlets, Cordova and the PHP framework.


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