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How to Setup Quantity Based Pricing in SuiteCommerce Advanced Elbrus

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In this post I’ll show you how to setup quantity based pricing in SuiteCommerce Advanced’s latest version, Elbrus. As you know, quantity based pricing lets you automatically apply different sale prices to items, based on the quantity being purchased. By using this feature on your SuiteCommerce Advanced web store, you can offer discounts to customers who purchase products in bulk, which not only makes the customer happy but also helps you maximize sales.

It’s a very sought after feature and was highly requested by NetSuite customers for future releases of SuiteCommerce Advanced, since previous versions did not provide support for displaying quantity based pricing on your storefront. Due to the unavailability of this feature, customers with SuiteCommerce Advanced web stores were using custom solutions to enable quantity based pricing on their stores.

Thankfully with the Elbrus release, Suite Commerce Advanced now offers complete support for quantity based pricing. Using this feature, you can now display a quantity pricing chart (as shown below) on your web store.

suitecommerce advanced

This quantity pricing chart can be displayed on following pages in your SuiteCommerce Advanced web store.

  • The Product Details Page (PDP)
  • Quick View modal window
  • The Quick Order Page (pre-requisite – you must enable the Quick Order feature in SuiteCommerce Advanced in order for the quantity pricing chart to display on this page)
  • The Request for Quote page (pre-requisite – the Quotes feature must be enabled in SuiteCommerce Advanced)
  • Product List Details page in My Account
  • Re-order List page in My Account

How to Set Up Quantity based Pricing in SuiteCommerce Advanced

To set up quantity based pricing in SuiteCommerce Advanced, you must first make that this feature is enabled in NetSuite. To do that, just follow the steps below.

Enabling Quantity based Pricing in NetSuite

  1. Navigate to following page in NetSuite – Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features.
  2. Switch to the Transactions subtab, and check the Quantity Pricing box (as shown in the screenshot below)
  3. Click the Save button

suitecommerce advanced customization

Next, you need to define the Quantity Tiers. Just follow the steps below to do that.

  • Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Preferences > Accounting Preferences
  • Switch to the Items / Transactions Here under the Sales & Pricing heading, there is field provided for the “Maximum # of quantity-based price levels”. Enter the number of quantity-based pricing levels you have, in this field.

suitecommerce advanced developed

This will generate a number of columns on the item record in the sales / pricing subtab, (as shown in the screenshot below).

suitecommerce advanced implementation

You can define the Quantity Tiers for each item and the price for each tier in the item record, by entering those values in these columns.

Once you have setup quantity based pricing in NetSuite, you don’t need to make any changes in the SuiteCommerce Advanced Elbrus code because the quantity pricing module in Elbrus is enabled by default.

Hope you found this post useful. Have a SuiteCommerce Advanced development requirement you would like to discuss? Let’s Talk.

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