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Why ‘HTTPS’ Is Important For Your SuiteCommcerce Advanced Site

As many of you already know, Google’s search ranking algorithm now uses HTTPS compatibility as one of the factors for determining your website’s ranking in search results (as part of its HTTPS Everywhere initiative). Apart from its impact on search rankings though, HTTPS also has a direct impact on sales since visitors feel a lot safe shopping on your site if they see the familiar padlock, as that lets them know that their credit card and personal data is secure.

Shoppers today take data security very seriously, so if you offer data security throughout your web store, it inspires confidence in both your site’s visitors and customers. The same is the case with SuiteCommerce Advanced. Since HTTPS was not available in previous versions of SuiteCommerce Advanced, a lot of NetSuite customers were on the fence about whether to switch to SuiteCommerce Advanced, or go with another ecommerce platform that did offer this feature. And customers that did get SuiteCommerce Advanced were anxiously waiting for this feature because their security audit tools reported this as a critical component that was missing.

In SuiteCommerce Advanced’s release 2017.1 though, you can now use an SSL certificate to secure the shopping portion of your web store under an HTTPS domain. Previously, only the Checkout and My Account domains were secure. With the new Elbrus release, the level of protection through security certificates (which was previously only available only for the MyAccount and Checkout domains) is now available to the Shopping application.

You now you can leverage this security feature to run both shopping and checkout under a single HTTPS domain. The benefit of this single domain is that it provides consumers with a seamless buying experience, by removing the delays that are associated with shopping in one domain and moving to another for checkout.

The Impact of HTTPS on SuiteCommerce Advanced Web Store Domains

Prior to Release 2017.1

After the ELBRUS Release

Thanks to SuiteCommerce Advanced’s 2017.1, you can now leverage HTTPS to secure your ecommerce storefront and boost your customers’ confidence as well as your SEO ranking.

In my next post, I’ll show you how to setup a secure shopping domain with SuiteCommerce Advanced.

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