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How To Enhance NetSuite Site Builder Web Stores My Account & Checkout Pages

As you know, the Site Builder ecommerce solution that comes bundled with NetSuite offers a very old fashioned look & feel. This is particularly noticeable on the Checkout and My Account pages. Recently however, NetSuite has released some add-on bundles that you can install, to improve the UI and UX on these two pages. These add-on bundles are:

  • Reference My Account
  • Reference Checkout

How To Install the Add-on Bundles

You can install these bundles by following the steps below.

  1. Bundle Installation: Go to the Customization tab → SuiteBundler → Search & Install Bundles (as depicted below)


magento paypal

2. Search and install the Reference Checkout and Reference My Account bundles

(as shown below)


magento paypal


3. Add the relevant touch points in your website record under Setup → Site Builder → Setup Website

(as shown below).


magento paypal


And that’s it. With these few simple steps you can improve the look and feel and the overall user experience on your Site Builder store’s My Account and Checkout pages considerably, without the need for custom coding.

Keep in mind though that these add-on bundles are still in their early days and as such there might be some glitches associated with them. However you can rest assured that NetSuite will fix and update those in their future releases so they will only get better over time.

Hope you found this post useful.

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