Migration to SuiteCommerce Advanced and store redesign by Folio3, helps BlackRapid improve customer satisfaction and enhance sales conversion by almost 30%.

I started at BLACKRAPID in the middle of a massive website project with Folio3. Immediately I was impressed with the Folio3 team’s patience and willingness to answer my many questions; taking the time to onboard me and make sure I understood the scope of the project. They provided our team with tutorial videos, images asset guidelines, and a technical document to ensure that we had a smooth transition into our new site and CMS. Finally, their follow-up with the team after Go Live and their helpful assistance with technical issues has been outstanding.

Heather Stapf – Marketing Manager, BLACKRAPID


BlackRapid is a premier camera accessory brand offering products designed to improve the speed, comfort and efficiency of consumer and professional photographers. Folio3 helped BlackRapid enhance their sales conversion by almost 30%, by shifting their ecommerce operations to the SuiteCommerce Advanced platform.


Founded in 2008 by Seattle photographer Ron Henry, BlackRapid is a premier camera accessory brand that manufactures and retails custom camera accessories and straps designed to improve the speed, comfort and efficiency of consumer and professional photographers.


BlackRapid’s ecommerce site was based on NetSuite’s legacy Site Builder platform. Due to platform’s limitations (namely lack of mobile compatibility, no dynamic merchandizing options and no faceted search), their web store offered a poor user experience and had a high bounce rate, which was impacting their bottom line. They were therefore looking for a partner to help them migrate their web store to SuiteCommerce Advanced, and approached Folio3 to help them make the transition.


Folio3 migrated BlackRapid’s storefront from Site Builder to SuiteCommerce Advanced (Vinson release) together with a brand new design, within the short span of twelve weeks. The new web store is fully responsive, and offers a wide variety of options that greatly enhance the site’s shopping experience such as single page architecture and checkout, omni-channel ordering and fulfillment (order online and pick up store), dynamic merchandizing options (like featured projects, best sellers, suggested items, etc.), advanced search capabilities, ratings and reviews for products, wish lists and pre-order functionality (among others). Folio3 also implemented a number of customizations in SuiteCommerce Advanced, to add extra functionality that is not supported in SuiteCommerce Advanced out of the box such as, a custom registration workflow, dealer locator functionality and a custom blog.


Thanks to Folio3’s efforts, BlackRapid was able to massively improve their online sales operations by levering the advanced features that SuiteCommerce Advanced provides. Being mobile enabled, their new web store now caters to a much broader audience than their previous site, which has helped boost site traffic considerably. That coupled with the advanced shopping features it offers like omni-channel ordering and fulfillment, dynamic merchandizing, single page checkout, etc., has helped BlackRapid offer a vastly superior user experience on the new web store.

Thanks to these changes, the company has witnessed a massive increase in sales conversions, which have gone up by almost 30%. Recent surveys of the site’s visitors and customers have also revealed a substantial jump in customer satisfaction rate as well as repeat customers.


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