Folio3 developed NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced web store helps BioPak boost sales and streamline supply chain & sales operations

“BioPak was an early adopter of NetSuite in Australia. We use NetSuite’s ERP, CRM and ecommerce platforms, and after initially struggling to find development partners, we engaged Folio3 in early 2016. Their transparency and work ethic has resulted in the rebirth of our desire to forge ahead with important upgrades and developments. The Folio3 team are so easy to deal with and their work exemplary. They guide us through each project and deliver affordable and best of breed solutions. Their after sale service is a redeeming feature and they have shown that they never to walk away from the work they do, when there are a few hurdles after completion. Folio3 has added massive value to our business & their partnership will greatly assist us in growing and managing our business by systemizing most processes and giving us control and functionality to ensure our growth is sustainable, as we take advantage of NetSuite’s true power!”

Gary Smith – CEO, BioPak


BioPak is an Australia based manufacturer that provides local companies with environmentally friendly, plant based packaging and disposable food service solutions. Folio3 migrated their NetSuite Site Builder based web store to SuiteCommerce Advanced along with revamping their store’s UI. Folio3 also implemented several customizations in SuiteCommerce Advanced to accommodate certain workflows that were not supported by SuiteCommerce Advanced out of the box. The new SuiteCommerce Advanced web store has helped BioPak boost sales by almost 20% along with streamlining their supply chain & sales operations.


BioPak is an Australia based manufacturer that provides local companies with environmentally friendly, plant based packaging and disposable food service solutions.


BioPak’s ecommerce web store (built on Site Builder) had an extremely outdated UI, which was neither mobile compatible nor easy to use. Due to this limitation they were losing a lot of visitors and subsequent sales. They wanted to make their storefront responsive along with revamping its user interface, in order to provide a better shopping experience to their customers. For this purpose they decided to shift to SuiteCommerce Advanced.


Folio3 migrated BioPak’s ecommerce web store from Site Builder to SuiteCommerce Advanced (Mont Blanc version) along with designing and implementing a brand new UI for the store, within the relatively short span of four months. The Folio3 team also implemented a number of customizations in SuiteCommerce Advanced (to enable features requested by BioPak) that are not supported in SuiteCommerce Advanced by default. Some of the key features of new SuiteCommerce Advanced web store include:

Responsive design

Multi-faceted navigation for large SKUs

CDN caching for high performance

Dynamic merchandising


Enhanced product image gallery

Advanced site search

Location specific items

Customer specific products & pricing

Customer specific suggested items

Single and multi-page checkout

Customized shopping cart

Quick Order functionality

Freight calculator

Multi-currency support


Thanks to their new SuiteCommerce Advanced web store, BioPak has seen an almost 20% increase in online sales. They have also been able to incorporate all of their business processes into the NetSuite ecosystem, which has helped them streamline their supply chain and back office operations considerably.


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