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7 Best SuiteApps You Need To Know About in 2020

The growing competition among businesses is increasing the demand for organizations to learn how SuiteApps can enhance their business’s efficiency and boost growth. You all might have heard about SuiteApps i.e. applications that are created for NetSuite suitecommerce. Such third party applications are basically NetSuite certified which means that they are built in compliance with known best practices for privacy, development, security, and architecture. These SuiteApps can be easily integrated with NetSuite resulting in improved performance and optimal usage of NetSuite for automating your business processes.

Here we have 7 best SuiteApps that every business must know about.

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#1 Best SuiteApp – Folio3’s Magento Connector for NetSuite

Magento Connector for NetSuite is an exceptional IaaS (Integration as a Service) solution that offers entirely automated and real-time integration between web stores of Magento and NetSuite. It provides fully automated synchronization of all the data between Magento web stores and NetSuite. It enables merchants to put all their focus on improving their work sales and order management without worrying about synchronization of their Magento accounts with NetSuite.

  • Eliminates the risk of errors made during manual data entry and mixing up of orders.
  • It allows you to save more time, cost, and efforts that are involved in manual processes.
  • Through rapid order processing, it helps you to enjoy enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Proves to be an ideal solution for times when you want to migrate/import the data from Magento into Netsuite or vice versa.
  • It is completely customizable.
  • Easily manageable and allows you to integrate through a UI implemented within NetSuite.
  • It helps you in maintaining a full log of performed tasks in your NetSuite account.

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#2 Best SuiteApp – Folio3’s WooCommerce Connector for NetSuite

This is also an IaaS solution and offers an entirely automated real-time integration between WooCommerce stores and NetSuite. It offers automated synchronization of the data between WooCommerce stores and NetSuite which enables merchants to divert their attention to their sales, order management and SCA Customization.

  • No risks of manual data entry errors and order mixups.
  • Consumes less time, efforts and saves costs spent on human labor.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction.
  • It offers complete customization.
  • Easy to manage and integrate.
  • Maintains a list of tasks performed.

#3 Best Suiteapp – Folio3’s Shopify Connector for NetSuite

An out of the box integration as a service solution that offers completely automated and real-time integration between Shopify stores and NetSuite. It is an ideal solution for Shopify web store owners to eliminate the need for manual processes and data entry. It allows for automated synchronization and enhances the growth process.

  • Error-free data entry and no mixing up of orders.
  • Saves human effort, time, and costs.
  • It allows for rapid order processing.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Easy to integrate.
  • Keeps a list of tasks performed in the NetSuite account.


Ensuring that you keep up with the rules of tax and its rate is not an easy job. It can be quite difficult at times to take care of all the rules and regulations that cannot be ignored at any cost. AvaTax by Avalara offers certified integration that enables you to streamline the flow of your work and automate all of your sales and, end-to-end, tax calculation. Avalaras’s AvaTax deals with the automation of real-time calculations for each transaction while reducing the unwanted steps, errors, and other tasks that are usually manual. With AvaTax you can relax and enjoy enhanced efficiency as you have a tax expert with you all the time.


To be clearly said, we all know that change management and sticking to the new dos and don’ts can be stressful. It not only involves the risk of several errors but also calls for a dedicated team that takes care of the investigation, documentation, compliance, and ensures that everything is done as it should be. Strongpoint, which was formerly known as FLODocs, is helping businesses to eliminate the need for continuous manual check and balance. It is a solution that offers consistent change management, documentation, and compliance check and balance for NetSuite. It not only checks and makes sure that all financial and important IT controls are protected but also eliminates the need for manual documentation.


Gathering the information of a business and making sure that it creates a sense is essential for any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) but it indeed is a challenge and NetSuite is indeed no exception. iCharts allow users of NetSuite to stop the data export and starting the analysis of their data. It is the only Business Intelligence solution and is entirely native to NetSuite.

iCharts transforms NetSuite into a BI tool that is very powerful and allows you to go beyond KPIs that are basic and enable you to uncover deeper insights. It automatically standardizes reports and offers your team complete access to insights that are always up to date.


It holds the title of being the fastest cloud integration platform of the world and allows users of NetSuite to connect their Saas and on-premise solutions to their cloud applications in days’ time rather than months. While bringing these different applications together, Jitterbit injects AI into the business processes of every day.


SuiteApps are not only making NetSuite a powerful tool but also enabling businesses to stay one step ahead of their competitors while keeping a close eye on their business’s growth. If you are interested in knowing more about SuiteApps that can enhance your everyday business operations, get in touch with NetSuite experts at Folio3. With a variety of customizable solutions and vast industry experience, Folio3 is a one-stop-shop for all your NetSuite requirements.

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