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SuiteCommerce Advanced Upgrade and Customization by Folio3 Helps Autoshack Enhance User Experience & Boost Online Sales.


Autoshack (formerly Prime Choice) is a leading Canada based wholesale auto parts manufacturing and distribution company. Folio3 upgraded Autoshack’s SuiteCommerce Advanced web store from Denali to the Elbrus release, along with implementing a number of customizations that enhanced the site’s user experience and resulted in a substantial jump in online sales.


Autoshack (formerly known as Prime Choice) is a Canada based, wholesale auto parts manufacturing and distribution company. The company manufactures and distributes all of their products in house. They stock over one million auto parts including Brake Parts, Hub Bearings, Complete Strut Assemblies, Wheel Bearings, Starters and Alternators among others.


Autoshack’s two web stores and were built on the SuiteCommerce Advanced’s Denali release. Since this version of SuiteCommerce Advanced was slightly outdated, the company wanted to upgrade its storefronts to the latest release of SuiteCommerce Advanced ‘Elbrus’, in order to take advantage of the latest functionality and user experience that Elbrus offered. In addition to the upgrade, Autoshack also wanted to implement a number of custom features on both sites, to further enhance their shopping experience.


Working closely with Autoshack, Folio3 first upgraded both sites underlying SuiteCommerce Advanced platform from Denali to the Elbrus release. The upgrade activity included:

  • Migration of store configuration from code to the SuiteCommerce Advanced configuration record
  • Upgrading item categories (from Website Categories) to Commerce Categories
  • Merging existing custom modules from the Denali release (to preserve their functionality in Elbrus)

Once the version upgrade was successfully complete, the Folio3 team developed and implemented several customizations on both storefronts, to enhance their user experience and make them easier to manage. The customizations included:

  • Store locator functionality (based on customer location)
  • Customer location specific pricing
  • The ability to lookup vehicle VIN numbers
  • Enhanced store search with cross references and indexing


Thanks to Folio3, Autoshack was not only able to upgrade their SuiteCommerce Advanced storefronts to the Elbrus release, but was also able to add additional features that helped enhance the sites’ user experience. The additional customizations implemented by Folio3 on both stores greatly improved their user experience, which has resulted in a significant drop in cart abandonment on both sites while enhancing on-page time and conversion. Subsequently, the company has experienced a 22% increase in sales on both web stores after these changes.


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